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Pure Whey Protein Isolate 2000g
Pure Whey Protein Isolate 2000g

Whey protein isolate Or Weight gainer?

23 juni 2013 07:09
Hi there,
What would be the best product for me, if i not only want muscle growth But i want to gain a bit weight too Ive been working out for quite a while now, Tho i have visible muscle and am happy with it I really think i need more fat.
And i can't seem to gain weight.
So my question is Do i go for Whey Pro Isolate Of weight Gainer?( I dont want to lose more weight as i burn fat really fast)
I hope for a fast answer,
Thanks in advance !
23 juni 2013
09:18If your goal is just to gain weight, then you just need more calories. This is more easily achieved by using the weightgainer than by using whey protein isolate. But the weight gainer hasn't been designed to gain 'just weight' or fat. A better approach would be to eat calorie dense whole foods. When you want to gain fat weight it's most efficient to combine carbohydrates and fats in large quantities. A good example is whole wheat bread with real butter and honey. That's an excellent way to gain fat weight. You can use dried fruits as snacks. Of course you can also opt for cookies, candies and pie. But that will really damage your health.